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Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria, VA

When you first see your property damaged by a leak or flood, it can be emotionally devastating. The good news is that your property can be recovered if treated quickly. No super powers are needed, just the experienced restoration professionals at Carpet Cleaning Alexandria. We turn back the clock for water damage.

We are ready to restore your water damaged property with high quality water removal and drying equipment. Our extractor does a much better job than a shop vac. Whether at your home or business, a quick response will make sure your life is back on track as soon as possible.

Fast Response for Water Damage Restoration

Carpet Cleaning Alexandria has just about seen it all. Through our service in the DC area, we have repaired damage from small kitchen floods to serious damage from sewer back-ups. Every job has its own challenges, but the one common factor is that a timely response helped prevent further damage. Damage from untreated water damage can cause wooden framing to mold and rot. The truth is, the longer water is left to sit, the more expensive the restoration will be.

Water Removal and Beyond

Sometimes all you need is to remove the water from the carpet and your property will be just fine. We can take care of emergency water removal promptly. Just call our office at 703-635-7342 and our team will be at your location before you know it.

You can also turn to Carpet Cleaning Alexandria for more extensive water damage. Because we can be there quickly to start the work, we help you avoid secondary damage from mold and bacterial growth. Water gets trapped in hidden places like wall cavities, and even prolonged humidity in your attic as water evaporates can lead to dangerous mold growth. A full restoration uses dehumidifiers to remove all excess moisture, even from the air, to bring your property back to pre-loss condition.

Serious Water Damage? Don't Lose Hope!

Flood Damage ProWater damage can be very devastating, but with the right restorers your property can be back to its undamaged condition quickly. We have teamed up with Flood Damage Pro for this purpose exactly. They are specialists of water damage restoration, and able to restore your property from wrecked to almost new with great skills and experience.

Carpet Cleaning Alexandria will work with your insurance company for your water damage claim. Call our emergency hotline at 703-635-7342 24/7 for a prompt response and a complete solution.

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