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10 Tips About Carpet Cleaning from the Pros

With time carpeting has gained popularity as one of the most preferred flooring types for homes and offices. Carpets are relatively easy to maintain, cozier, and can be easily blended with a wide range of decors, unlike other types of floors.

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Why should we regularly clean our carpets?

Keeping the carpets clean and fresh is key to ensure the mitigation of any health hazards that can be a result of dust, allergens, and mold.

Ensuring your carpets are safe for humans and pets is a demanding process that requires professional carpet cleaning as regular home vacuuming and scrubbing will not guarantee proper damage restoration especially after massive water damage and even food or beverage spills.

Like any other valuable assets, carpets need the best care to help them last longer, therefore getting the best carpet cleaning business to handle your carpet restoration should be the first thing that comes into your mind in case of any water damage or spill. Carpet cleaning requires specialized equipment for different carpet types, therefore when choosing your carpet cleaning service, you need to find out if they can handle the type of your carpet to be in a better position to provide the best care for your carpet.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria is your best bet if you live in Alexandria and its environs as we are equipped to handle all carpet cleaning needs for all types of carpets using specialized equipment operated by experts who have many years of experience in carpet cleaning. These experts provided tips on carpet cleaning that every carpet enthusiast must read.

Continue reading to see what the pros have to say about carpet cleaning.

10 Tips about carpet cleaning from the experts

1. Call the carpet cleaner immediately after the damage

When there is a spill or water damage it is very important to call the cleaner as quickly as possible. This reduces the risk of having the stains being entangled deep in the carpet fibers and the carpet being damaged beyond repair. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria Cleaning experts are available 7 days a week for emergency cleaning services.

2. Hire professional carpet cleaning business

Different stains and fabric require different approaches during cleaning, if you don't hire an expert in carpet cleaning your carpet fabric may be destroyed by using the wrong equipment or solution. Our cleaners are well versed with the different types of carpet fabrics and use modern equipment for carpet cleaning. This ensures different carpet types receive the correct carpet treatment to avoid damage and achieve the best results.

3. Furniture blocks and pads should be placed on the carpet after cleaning

When the carpet is damp after cleaning, dirt and stains can be easily transferred from the furniture legs to the carpet. Our professional carpet cleaners avoid this by placing furniture blocks and pads after the cleaning exercise.

4. Give the carpet room to dry completely

When calling carpet cleaners, ensure you pick a day with less traffic in your home or office, this way it ensures the carpet is given room to completely dry before being subjected to heavy use. Our professional carpet cleaners have specialized equipment for dehumidifying your carpet to ensure you are free to use as soon as possible however giving it room to completely dry helps avoid any health hazards and dirt-trapping on the fibers.

5. Insist on deodorizing and sanitization

After the carpet is cleaned it must be left fresh and healthy for pets and humans. Deodorizing ensures the carpet is free from odors and sanitization ensures its free from microbes and bacteria. Deodorizing and sanitization is part of our standard carpet cleaning package therefore you don't need to worry about it when you get our services.

6. Use doormats

Placing doormats to absorb water and remove soil from your boots before you go into the house ensures your carpet is protected from dirt and dampness because the dirt and water on the shoe are absorbed by the mats. As much as this may help your carpet look clean it is important to ensure the routine professional cleaning is done to prevent damage and keep your home healthy and clean.

7. Remove shoes inside your home

Removing shoes not only prevents you from bringing dirt into the house but also helps to protect your carpet fibers, therefore, extending your carpet life. This ultimately saves you the cost of replacing and cleaning your carpet because the professional cleaners won't use heavy cleaning equipment which is favorable to your pocket and carpet fiber as the dirt will only be on the surface.

8. Ensure your furniture and upholstery is clean

Cleaning your upholstery will reduce dirt inside the house therefore eventually reduce the dirt on the carpet. Less dirt on the carpet means less cost in cleaning as our professional cleaners always provide an estimate with relation to the work that is required to clean your carpet.

9. Clean your air ducts

If you do not clean your air ducts your carpets can get dirty as soon as the carpet cleaners leave your home or office. Cleaning the air ducts ensures dust trapped in this space does not make way to your carpet.

10. Regular deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is the most effective way to ensure your carpet is clean and free from damage. This is because deep cleaning ensures dirt, pet hair, and dander on all parts of your carpet are completely taken care of as compared to spot cleaning which only focuses on stains on specific areas. Depending on your type of carpet fabric our team uses specialized modern equipment to extract dirt and debris from the carpet. Our standard deep cleaning procedure involves hot water extraction also known as steam carpet cleaning, deodorizing and dehumidifying. Get in touch with us for a free estimate and the best deep cleaning services in Alexandria.

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