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Top 5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Hacks and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Keep your carpets looking great with these top 5 DIY carpet cleaning hacks that work.
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Expert Guide: Removing Pet Hair from Carpets

Get professional tips and effective methods from Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria on removing stubborn pet hair from your carpets, leaving them clean and odor-free.
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Traditional Rug Cleaning Techniques

Discover the enduring relevance of traditional rug washing techniques with Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria. Expert care preserves your rugs' beauty and integrity.
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Removing Carpet Stains with Ease

Learn the secrets to removing tough carpet stains. We offer professional advice on dealing with spills quickly to preserve your carpets' beauty.
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Mold in Basement: Causes and Prevention Tips

Combat basement mold with Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria. Offering mold inspections, tests, and tips for a mold-free home.
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All-Season Rug Cleaning Tips: Practical Tips for Homeowners

Practical rug cleaning strategies for each season from experts at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria, focusing on maintaining cleanliness and appeal, especially in summer and winter.
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Checklist for a Mold-Free House

We know how to keep homes safe from indoor mold growth. In this article, we've put together simple prevention tips on how to keep your home healthy and mold-free.
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What Do We Know About Mold? Its Dangers and Ways of Destruction

Mold is a microscopic fungus that can cause the destruction of materials like walls, furniture, carpet, clothes, and upholstery within a very short time.
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10 Tips About Carpet Cleaning From The Pros

Professional cleaning of your wall-to-wall carpets. You can find tips for it in the article and understand why DIY is not an option.
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