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Alexandria Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Has the finish on your hardwood floor lost its shine?

Make your floors look as good as new with Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria's professional hardwood floor refinishing service.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Alexandria

Hardwood Floor Renewal

Hardwood floor refinishing is an important part of protecting the wood and refreshing the appearance of your home or business. Over time, the finish gets scratched and starts to wear away. This can make the floor look dull and worn. That's actually good because the finish is getting damaged and not the hardwood itself. Hardwood floor refinishing restores or replaces this protective layer, so it is important to do it whenever your floor begins to look worn.

Wood Floor Refinishing Service

Hardwood Revival Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria can screen and recoat your existing finish, or sand down to bare boards and apply a beautiful and durable new finish. We've also joined forces with Hardwood Revival, a company specializing in wood floor refinishing and restoration, for more complicated cases. Hardwood Revival's team of experts can assist you with any wood floor question or need, so don't hesitate to contact them.

Wood is one of the most mold contagious materials. Mold damages wood very rapidly. That's why mold testing and mold removal can save you a pretty penny.

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Refinishing a wooden floor is a detailed process that brings back the beauty of the floor by fixing scratches, wear and tear, and dullness that happen over time. A floor can look almost brand new again after going through this process, which makes it look much better.

1: Client Inquiry and Response

  • Clients reach out to us via phone, email, or our website.
  • We respond promptly, providing initial information and arranging a convenient time for an in-home assessment.

2: In-Home Assessment

  • Our team conducts a thorough assessment of the hardwood floors, noting any areas of concern.
  • We discuss the client's vision, preferences for finish and stain, and address any questions.
  • A detailed service proposal and quote are provided, including the scope of work, timeline, and cost.

3: Scheduling the Project

  • Once the proposal is accepted, we schedule the project at a time that suits the client's convenience.
  • We communicate clearly about the project duration and any preparations needed on the client's part.

4: Project Initiation and Site Preparation

  • Our team arrives on the scheduled date, equipped with all necessary tools and materials.
  • We prepare the site by moving furniture (if included in the service package), sealing off areas to contain dust, and setting up ventilation systems.

5: Floor Sanding

  • Using state-of-the-art sanding equipment, we remove the old finish, sanding the floor to a smooth, even surface.
  • We progress through different grits of sandpaper, from coarse to fine, to prepare the wood for finishing.

6: Floor Cleaning and Prep

  • Post-sanding, we meticulously clean the floors and surrounding area to ensure a dust-free environment for staining and finishing.
  • Any minor repairs or preparation required for the optimal finish application are completed.

7: Staining (Optional)

  • If the client has opted for staining, we apply the chosen stain, ensuring an even coat and saturation for a uniform appearance.
  • The stain is allowed to dry completely, adhering to the manufacturer's recommended drying times.

8: Applying Finish

  • We apply multiple layers of high-quality floor finish, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly and sanding lightly between coats to ensure a smooth, durable finish.
  • The type of finish is selected based on the client's preference and the specific needs of their floors.

9: Final Inspection and Cleanup

  • A thorough final inspection is conducted to ensure the refinishing meets our high standards and the client's expectations.
  • We clean up the project area, removing any tape, plastic sheeting, and dust.

10: Walkthrough and Care Instructions

  • We conduct a final walkthrough with the client to review the work and provide care instructions to maintain the floor's appearance and longevity.
  • We provide advice on when furniture can be replaced and how to properly care for the newly refinished floors.

11: Follow-Up

  • After the service is completed, we follow up with the client to ensure their satisfaction and address any questions or concerns.
  • We offer tips for ongoing maintenance and are available for future needs.

Professional Results

When it comes to wood floor refinishing, it takes a professional with experience to get great results. It only takes a second with a sander to gouge into the wood of the floor, so leave this work to our professionals.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria has refinished many floors and we know how to make sure that your floor looks amazing again. We are happy to come to your home or office to provide a free, no obligation estimate. Call today 703-635-7342!

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