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If you live in Alexandria, Virginia, with 140,000 people, you know how important it is to have clean rugs.

Did you know that rugs have been around for thousands of years? In fact, the oldest rug known today was located in Siberia in a Scythian tomb. Otherwise known as the Pazyryk carpet, it was found in 1940 and is actually over 2,000 years old! Although your household rug isn't this ancient, it is still prone to the same rug wearing elements. If your rug has begun to lose its charm, it is due to dirt and grime that has accumulated and become trapped in rug fibers.

Oriental Rugs & Area Rug Cleaning Service

What's Rug Cleaning?

Professional rug cleaning is something that responsible rug owners should commit to. A professional rug cleaning service in Alexandria is gentle enough to clean deep down into the fibers of the rug but gentle enough not to cause any harm or damage to your unique investment. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria owns and operates our own cleaning facility dedicated to natural rugs that require hand washing, typically Oriental and Persian rugs.

Area Rug Pofessional Cleaning Service

Our Rug Cleaning Process

The process of cleaning first starts with analyzing what cleaning solution your rug needs.

For synthetic, store-bought rugs, hot water is used to extract dirt and bacteria from the rug fibers. Next, special solutions and cleaning tools are used to remove even the most stubborn stains.

For more expensive heirlooms, a first step of pre-dusting is done by hand in order to gauge the real status of your rug without layers of debris. Next, hand washing and grooming are carried out by one of our expert craftsmen, followed by temperature-controlled drying.

Rug Types and Recommended Cleaning Methods

Different types of rugs require specific cleaning methods to ensure effective and safe maintenance. Here are various rug types, their specific needs, and recommended cleaning methods:

  • Nylon Rug: Nylon is a durable and versatile synthetic rug material. It responds well to steam cleaning (same as hot water extraction), and deep foam cleaning. These methods effectively eliminate dirt and stains from nylon rugs without causing damage.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene Rug: Olefin or polypropylene rugs are known for their stain resistance. Hot water extraction and deep cleaning are effective methods to remove dirt, oils, and stains from these rugs.
  • Polyester Rug: Polyester rugs are soft and resistant to stains and odors. They can be cleaned using steam and deep cleaning, or foam cleaning. Caution! Avoid subjecting polyester rugs to excessive heat during the cleaning process.
  • Wool Rug: Wool is a natural fiber that necessitates extra care during cleaning. It is advisable to use low-moisture methods for wool rugs to prevent shrinkage or distortion. Delicate wool rugs can also be hand washed.
  • Berber Rug: Berber rugs have a looped construction, requiring careful cleaning to prevent snags or unraveling. Vacuuming with the beater bar turned off is recommended. Low-moisture methods such as foam cleaning cleaning and hand washing are suitable for Berber rugs.
  • Other Natural Fiber Rugs (Sisal, Jute, Seagrass): All natural fiber rugs are delicate and demand special care. Hand washing is typically advised to avoid water damage and fiber discoloration. Excessive moisture should be avoided when cleaning natural fiber rugs.

Check our blogpost about rug cleaning maintenance: Seasonal Rug Care Tips for Homeowners.

Does My Rug Really Need to Be Cleaned?

Rugs see a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, and this means that they absorb dirt, dust, mold spores and other allergens, bacteria, and even food and pet hair. When you consider how many people (or animals) walk on it throughout the day, it is no surprise that no rug can remain its best without being maintained every once in a while. We can clean synthetic and smaller rugs on your premises but larger and natural rugs will be taken to our facility and returned to you at no extra cost.

For more information on your particular rug and its cleaning requirements or to schedule a free price estimate, please contact Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria today at 703-635-7342!


Rug Cleaning Questions Answered!

When should I schedule a professional cleaning for my rug?

The timeline for having your rug professionally cleaned can vary based on several factors. These include the rug's exposure to foot traffic, whether you have pets or kids, and the type of material the rug is made of. On average, it's advisable to schedule professional rug cleaning every 12-18 months under regular conditions. However, if your rug lies in an area of high footfall, or you share your home with pets or children, you might need to opt for a more frequent cleaning schedule, possibly every 6-12 months.

What might go wrong if I attempt to deep clean my rug without professional assistance?

Choosing to deep clean your rug without expert help can bring about multiple potential complications. The risks include color fading or bleeding, especially if the rug is vibrantly colored or is an antique piece. Another risk is that some cleaning solutions could be too harsh on the rug's fibers, causing damage or color alteration. Over-saturation is also a common problem, where the rug might take an excessive amount of time to dry and eventually foster the growth of mildew or mold. You may also unintentionally shrink the rug if it's not properly dried. By hiring professional rug cleaners, you can avoid these typical problems as they possess the right knowledge and tools.

Do eco-friendly rug cleaning methods exist?

Indeed, there are numerous plant-based options for cleaning your rug. We offer solutions that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Our green cleaning detergents ensure safety for both your household and the environment. An alternative eco-friendly method is steam cleaning, which employs hot water vapor to cleanse and sanitize the rug, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

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