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Best Practices for Removing Pet Hair from Carpets

Having pets in our homes brings us happiness, love, and company. But you have to deal with the fluff, fur, and tumbleweeds of hair they leave behind. And if you've ever had to deal with pet hair on your carpets, know that you're not the only one!

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria knows how hard this can be and is here to show you the best ways to get rid of pet hair and explain why professional carpet cleaning might be the answer you've been looking for.

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Fun Fact About Pet Hair

Not long ago, you might have learned that static electricity makes pet hair stick to your carpet fibers like a magnet. When your pets run around the house and roll around on the furniture, their fur creates static electricity. This makes the hair stick to fabrics, carpets, and furniture very strongly. Some pets shed more than 20 grams of fur every day. That's why we sometimes feel like we're swimming in fur all the time. Thankfully, there are good ways to handle this problem.

Things You Can Do Every Day To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Daily Grooming

The best and most effective way to keep pet hair off of your carpets is to brush your dogs often. This will not only stop them from shedding, but it will also help you bond with your pet.

Pet Bedding Care

If your pet's bed gets too full of hair, it will probably end up on the ground as it jumps and runs around the house. By washing their clothes often, you can help stop the hair from spreading.

Cover Pet-Friendly Areas

Put down covers that can be washed over their favorite places to relax, like chairs, pet beds, and your favorite chair. It's much easier to wash a blanket than to deep clean the carpets every day.

Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet is important for keeping your pet's hair in good shape and reducing the amount of fur it sheds daily.

Carpet Preparation For Hair Removal

Before you use deeper cleaning methods, you need to make sure your carpet is ready by doing these important things:

  • Vacuum every day: pet hair builds up quickly, so using a vacuum with a pet hair attachment every day is important to get rid of surface hair. Make sure to focus on areas with a lot of foot traffic and the places where your pet likes to hang out.
  • Check your vacuum: make sure the sucking power and cleaning performance are at their best by regularly cleaning the vacuum filters and emptying the dust bin.
  • Take out stuck hair: if pet hair is really stuck in the carpet, you might need special tools, like a carpet brush, to remove it before you clean.
  • Rubber gloves are a good way to get rid of pet hair. When you rub a wet rubber glove across the carpet - this makes it easier to gather the hair into clumps for quick collection.
  • Carpet rake: this tool, which looks like a rake, does a great job of removing pet hair from deep-down carpet fibers.
  • Lint rollers are great for cleaning low-pile carpets and furniture, and they're because they pick up hair well.
  • Pet hair brush: use a rubber brush for delicate edges. A bristle brush is better for tougher areas that need a stronger touch to free hair.

Interesting Fact: Cats and Dogs Have Different Kinds of Hair

Did you know that cat and dog fur have very different textures and sheds in very different ways? Most cat fur is short and silky, which makes it more likely to stick to clothes and fabrics. On the other hand, dogs' fur has different textures, so cleaning them often requires different tools and methods.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter how hard you try to get rid of pet hair at home, it cannot be easy. That's where Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria comes in. We clean better than anyone else.

Knowledge and Specialized Tools

The strong tools used by Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria can get deep into the carpet fibers and pull out hair and other debris. Our professionals know how to handle different kinds of carpets and know what method works best in each case.

Cleaning Safe Products

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria doesn't use harsh chemicals that can damage carpets or make dogs sick. Instead, we use eco-friendly solutions that are gentle but very good at getting rid of pet hair, stains, and smells.

Risks of Cleaning Your Carpet

Do-it-yourself cleaning can damage carpet fibers, make them too wet, and even cause mold to grow. It is important to trust professionals because using the wrong tools and cleaning methods can make the problem worse instead of better.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria knows that not all carpets are the same, so they take the time to understand your needs and come up with a plan that is just right for you.

Get Rid of Odors

Pet hair can carry unwanted smells that can't be removed by simple cleaning. Our deodorizing process gets rid of the smell at its source, making your home smell clean and fresh.

A Deep Clean

Our cleaning method gets rid of hair deeply and effectively, going all the way through the carpet strands to get rid of even the toughest pet hair.

Stop Allergies

Hair and dander can aggravate asthma and breathing problems. These allergens are lessened when your home is cleaned by a professional, making it better for you and your family.

Interesting Fact: Some Pets Love To Watch You Clean

Have you ever seen your pets look at you with interest while you clean or brush the carpet? Some pets are really interested in the "intruders" (cleaning tools) trying to get into their space, and they'll even chase the cleaner.

When You Need to Call the Pros?

If any of these things happen, it's time to call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria for help:

  1. Too much shedding: your pet sheds so much that if you gathered all of its fur, it would make a new pet every week.
  2. Lingering smells: even after cleaning the house very well, the smell of your fuzzy friends is still there.
  3. More allergy problems: too much hair and dander in the home makes allergy problems worse for some family members.
  4. Deeply embedded hair: pet hair is tightly woven into the carpet fibers and can only be removed by a professional.

Why Should You Pick Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria?

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria knows the problems of people face when cleaning their carpets and getting rid of pet hair.

  • Our carpet cleaning prices are reasonable, and the standard of our work is top-notch. This makes them a cost-effective choice.
  • We know how busy life can be and will work with you to make sure you get help when it's most convenient for you.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria can help you get rid of pet hair from your carpets right away - 703-635-7342!

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